Comedy (11 minutes)

Director: Lisa Donato
Writers: Fawzia Mirza, Lisa Donato, Ryan Logan
Producers: Steven Hudosh, Fawzia Mirza, Lisa Donato
Production Companies: Beela Productions, Sparkle Motion Films


A brother contemplates fatherhood when his older sister and her wife ask him to be their sperm donor.


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Awards / Press:

Best LGBTQ Short, Cannes: Emerging Filmmaker Showcase
Audience Award, Pride Film Festival: College Station, TX
Seed & Spark Award Best Short, Flyway Film Festival: Minneapolis, MN
Best Short, Flicks by Chicks: Dallas, TX
Best LGBT Short, Santa Fe International Film Festival: Santa Fe, NM



Pride Film Festival, College Station, TX. 1/28  
Roze Filmdagen, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 3/10  
Wicked Queer, Boston, MA. 4/1
Out & Loud, Pune, India. 4/8  
Pink Apple, Zurich & Frauenfeld, Switzerland. 4/27  
Cannes: Emerging Filmmaker Showcase, Cannes, France. 5/21
Out Film, Hartford, CT. 6/7  
The Fortnight of Pride, Paris, France. 6/9  
Side by Side, Russia. 11/18

The Dinah, Palm Springs, CA. 4/3 (2pm) - Meet & Greet with Cast & Crew
Hollywood Comedy Fest, Hollywood, CA. 4/16 (12pm)
Charlotte Pride Film Fest, Charlotte, NC. 4/23 (4:30pm)
New York Indian Film Fest, New York, NY. 5/9 (9:30pm)
Big Island Film Festival, Kohala Coast, Hawaii. 5/27 (7:30pm)
Kashish, Mumbai, India. 5/29 (9:30am)
Inside Out, Toronto, Canada. 6/4 (9:15pm)
Frameline, San Francisco, CA. 6/18 (1:30) & 6/26 (11am)
Palm Springs Short Fest, Palm Springs, CA. 6/23. (7:30pm)
Outfest Film Festival, Hollywood, CA. 7/15 (9:30pm) & 7/17 (3:30pm)
Midwest Independent Film Festival, Chicago, IL. 8/2 (6pm)
North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Durham, NC. 8/14, 8/15, 8/19
Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, Honolulu, HI. 8/27. (4pm)
Broad Humor, Venice, CA. 9/2 (10pm)
aGLIFF, Austin, TX. 9/10 (3pm)
DC Short Fest, Washington, DC. 9/11 (Noon), 9/13 (9pm), 9/15 (7pm)
Hong Kong Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Hong Kong. 9/20 (9:50pm), 9/29 (9:40pm)
Oaktopia + Granatum, Denton, TX. 9/23
Reel Pride, Fresno, CA. 9/24 (1:15pm)
Reeling, Chicago, IL. 9/28 (9pm)
Out on Film, Atlanta, GA. 10/1 (10:30am)
Chicago South Asian Film Festival, Chicago, IL. 10/9 (1:30pm)
Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Albuquerque, NM. 10/9 (6:15pm)
ImageOut, Rochester, NY. 10/9 (3pm)
Reel Q, Pittsburgh, PA. 10/12 (7pm)
Louisville LGBT Film Festival, Louisville, KY. 10/15 (3pm)
Reel Affirmations, Washington, D.C. 10/15 (7pm)
SIGLFF, Sacramento, CA. 10/15 (7pm)
The Barcelona International Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain. 10/18 (7:30pm)
Flyway Film Festival, Pepin, WI. 10/21 (9:30pm)
Chick Flicks, Dallas, TX. 10/22 (5:30pm)
Cineffable Film Festival, Paris, France. 10/28 (7pm)
San Diego Asian Film Festival, San Diego, CA. 11/3-11/12
Rainbow Visions, Edmonton, Alberta. 11/4 (7pm)
Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival, Sardinia, Italy. 11/4-11/12
Reedy Reels, Greenville, SC. 11/5 (5:45pm)
Festival Chéries-Chéris, Paris, France. 11/15-11/22
Image + Nation Festival, Montreal, Quebec. 11/24-12/4
Toronto South Asian Film Festival, Toronto, Canada. 12/3 (7:30pm)
Santa Fe Film Festival, Santa Fe, NM. 12/11 (7pm)


Cinematography: Jeffrey Schwinghammer
Editor: Trevor M. Carlee
Production Designer: Steven Hudosh
Composer: Trevor M. Carlee, Nicholas Statan
Story By: Mo Welch, Fawzia Mirza
Story Consultant: Renee Liu
Script Supervisor: Ryan Logan
2nd Editor: Jeffrey Schwinghammer
Sound Design/Mix: Max Hirtenstein
Production Sound Recordist: Jason Culver
Hair & Makeup: Karen Brody
Wardrobe Stylist: Curtis Cassell
Gaffer: Seth Oberle
Grip: Korey VanHuis
Assistant Camera: Malic Amalya
Production Assistants: Jasmine Donato, Alex Phillips, Layne Marie Williams
Colorist: Jeffrey Schwinghammer
Music By: Emily Wolfe // Tera Deera Hua